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Chaos is a guild that bases its values on maturity, class, and exceptional skill. Our core raid team is a group of good friends, coming from another guild where things just didnt quite work out. We are currently 12/12 in normal content and 3/13 in HM content. This group has unreal potential and very high skilled players, and you can expect to see us very close to the top of the 10 man rankings when Firelands hits in 4.2.  Chaos is also a great home for casual players who enjoy several different aspects of the game, which include: leveling, questing, 5 mans, arena's, rated bg's and premade bg groups. All in all, this is a great home for any type of player, of any level of skill, from the elitest players who want to push current content asap, to the more casual players who enjoy taking the game at a slower pace. For more information or a invite to the guild, feel free to contact, Phizzle (alt 136 for the e), Maliced, Epidermus, or Ramna in game, apps are only for core raid spots!

Chaos already has a very set core 10 man team, but we are currently running a 1 day alt run, which we are recruiting for and would love to see another 10 man get started withing the guild. The alt run will start out clearing 10/12 normal modes, taking on average around 2-2.5 hours, after ppl become a lil better geared, 12/12 will not be a problem for this group. Feel free to apply and have a guaranteed raid spot, with free roll on all your ms loot!!!!


Please register on our site and feel free to use the variety of content our forums have to offer, like i said this is a new page, but our skilled players will be posting class tips, and situation tips and tricks for all raid content. Even if you arent a member of the guild, please feel free to register!

As far as Recruitment goes, we still need a few key spots to fill our alt raid and keep us from pugging what we need, if you have  a alt that is raid ready and want to clear all the current content in a relaxed, fun environment to get away from the stress of progression then this would be a great opportunity. Also we would love to see the guild put together a 2nd group, this group will consist of players that dont have extensive Cata raid experience, and will be on a more casual level, with a much less tense raid environment to give players that may not get the opportunity to raid due to achievement seekers the chance to come in and experience current content and progress with players that play on the same level and witht he same drive they do. Feel free to apply for either, on your app, just let us know which you are seeking a position for.
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Atramedes put to rest!!!

Phizzle420, May 31, 11 12:49 PM.
This was a great kill for all of us, after only workin a couple nights on this boss we were able to come in and 2 shot Atramedes on our last night of raiding for the week moving Chaos to 3/13 HM kills, all accomplished within 4 weeks of the group being solidified, this group has unreal potential, we will be one of the top 5 10 man guilds in Firelands, so expect great things!!! Maloriak/Magmaw HM next to come!!!

Chimaeron Down!

Phizzle420, May 31, 11 12:47 PM.
After only a few nights of progression, working out some of the transitions into feuds, Chaos was easily able to take down chimaeron moving us to 2/13 in HM progression.


Phizzle420, May 13, 11 9:12 AM.
I have written a Arcane Mage guide for 4.1 which is under the class guides section of the forums, all core raiders are enouraged to write guides for their class, to help other people in the guild start playing on a higer level! Thanks guys!

Chaos kicks off its first night in the new guild!!!

Phizzle420, May 11, 11 12:44 PM.
Our first night of raiding in the new guild, started off rocky due to our MT missing for work, and the pug tank just being well.......bad. After gettin rid of him, we decided to go and and clear Throne of the Four Winds, and did so with minimal effort, then cleared first 3 bosses in BWD, leaving up chimaeron, and maloriak, for HM progression, one of the two will fall this week!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Phizzle420, May 11, 11 10:43 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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